Leonard "Lenny" Chase

Played for Tel Aviv1975-79

PositionScrum Half

Age: 64

What were you doing here that time?
I was diamond polisher working for Amanta which became Antwerp Diamonds I believe.

Did you, and where played rugby before Tel Aviv? 
Yes I did in England for my High School & then for their Old Boys.(Ashmole School & then Old Ashmolians).

Have you been playing since, where?
I live now in Cleveland ,Ohio.Where I played for an Old Boys team called The F.O.G.S.Which stood for The F--king Old Guys.My last game was about two years ago.

What are you doing now?
Still living here, semi retired work part time & have a small diamond setting business.Two sons Ben & Evan 28 & 23 plus a Grand Son named Greyson.

A player you most enjoyed playing with? Why?
Three or four actually Charlie Goldin , Selwyn Passwell,Peter Fuchs & of course Glenn Wilson.The first three because of their dedication & love for our sport & are/ were great mates.Glenn Wilson who really showed us how to play the game & was potenially an International quality player.(He said he was a sub for Scotland).

Quote / Tip for life
Don't take life too seriously.Respect it.Cherish it & live it to the fullest because the reality of life is that it WILL end.

Some old school photos

Israel Rugby Team'75 v Northern Transvaal

Our team on Kibbutz Haogen

old boys